Affordable Corrective Massage


"Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get rid of pain. I highly recommend him!" - Catie P.

"Kevin was very thorough, professional, and effective at what he did" - Judy M

"I have a physically demanding job, my muscles needed a lot of work... Kevin fixed my pain.. He is very professional and I recommend him to all my friends, and family!" -Kim G

"Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable and really tries to get to the cause of your discomfort.  I'd been dealing with a sore back however the tightness was all stemming from limited range of motion in my legs from running.  I would highly recommend visiting Kevin and have an appointment to go back!" - Courtney B

"Kevin was very good about listening to me explain what was bothering me and followed up with probing questions to understand thoroughly the issue. He was excellent in explaining what he was doing and why. Helped out a lot" - Joanne A